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Proactive Patrol Program

In 2015, Sacramento saw a drastic up-tick in drownings, especially those of
recreational swimmers in the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers.
According to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, 11 of the 12 recreational
drownings in Sacramento in 2015 occurred near the confluence.

Although most think of DART as a dive team, the summer months and tragedies that
occurred added a new dynamic to our efforts.

“Proactive Patrol” was a concept that DART members would be proactive in the
effort to prevent the drownings occurring in the confluence of the Sacramento and
American Rivers. In July of 2015, DART members started pro-actively patrolling the
Tiscornia Beach area and the confluence of the rivers. Our focus was to educate the
public using the waterways for recreation of the dangers of the rivers and the need
for river-goers to wear life jackets. This venture was successful, as there were zero
recreational drownings in the remaining summer months of 2015 after DART started
proactive patrol.

DART continued its proactive patrol of Tiscornia Beach and surrounding waterways
in 2016 and 2017. During these patrols, DART members continued educating the
public, assisted in properly fitting swimmers with life jackets, assisting distressed
swimmers, and performing water rescues. In an astonishing feat, there were zero
recreational drownings at the confluence when DART was patrolling.

Please see our 2017 Rescue & Proactive Patrol Report here.

DART continues to conduct proactive patrols of the Tiscornia Beach area during the busy summer months. If you are interested in becoming a DART member, please click here.